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Mission of the People's Movement of India (PMI) is social transformation and economic emancipation of deprived sections of society which comprises of the farmers, laborers, minorities; other backward caste's (OBC) scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs). PMI constitution clearly states that the prime goal and objective of the party shall be to work as a revolutionary socio-economic and political movement. The guidelines and principles of the party are universal justice, equality, liberty and fraternity enunciated in the constitution of India. PMI does give priority to those sections which have been suppressed, deprived and ignored by traditional society and government. Women's issues and welfare policies for girls are top priority for PMI. The PMI has always an unequivocal stand on issues of the nation's welfare. Party never compromised on the issues related to the interest of the our great democracy. PMI stands for honest and clean politics. Party is committed to bring much desired change in Indian political scenario. PMI is one of the prominent political party established to fulfill aspirations of weaker and deprived sections of society including laborers and peasants class.