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Dual system of education is nothing but modern untouchability. In India education is the subject of concurrent list. Central government operates separate education board like CBSE and ICSE. The quality of education varied board to board. Most of the students of the CBSE and ICSE board enjoyed world class facilities and education but many students of the state run schools are deprived by basic necessities and facilities. Quality of education of state run schools are very miserable. Lack of well trained and efficient teaching staff of state run board are also a big challenge. The whole system of almost all state run education system seems paralyzed and full of corruption. The economic condition of most guardians related from rural background are very poor. Actually insensitivity of government and administrative class is root cause of deterioration of states run education system. The children of elite and economically sound background are capable for convent schooling. So, discrimination and bad treatment to economically weaker sections are very serious issue for intellectuals. The students belongs to the sound economic base has been given special treatment in the socialist democracy like India. Such type of discriminatory treatment in education is not acceptable. If this situation will not improved for long time situation must become dangerous consequences for healthy Indian democracy. The responsibility for miserable condition of education lies with the government policies and functioning. Recently some attempts have been made to overcome this problem but as yet with no success. PMI addressing and advocating the need for equal and quality education for all students of India.