For donation by bank draft or by cash please use following Punjab National Bank account. A/C : 1001002100503401 IFSC Code : PUNB0100100 The donation given to People’s Movement of India is exempt under income tax act 1961, U/S 80GGB/80GGC. For donation, donor shall must be an Indian citizen either living in India or abroad (NRIs with valid Indian passport). Any Indian citizen can donate according to law; every contribution that you make will must accelerate the movement. Please contribute generously and also motivate to your friends and relatives for join and donate to the PMI. Please fill up the below form during the donation so that we can keep your donate information as for record.

I declare that I am an Indian citizen and I am making this donation to the PMI out of my free will from income legally earned/owned by me. The details that I have provided above are true and nothing has been concealed. If you are facing any problem in donation making please call us at- Mob. 8005085870 , 9792002464