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Peoples Movement of India Objectives and work culture of PMI is to the welfare of weaker sections of India including women and also committed to protect the right and interest of youths. The People's Movement of India (PMI) will be governed by extract from the preamble of Indian constitution. The constitutional rights of all citizens have to be upheld at all cost under all circumstances. Party will insure unimpeded development of each individual and sections in each spheres of life. Party will also work for the provisions of the constitution have to uphold and give practical shape in public affairs as a matter of priority. The People's Movement of India (PMI) working for building up and strengthening a democratic, secular and socialist state of India. PMI shall organize and mobilize politically, socio-economically suppressed and deprived sections of society including farmers, laborers, minorities; other backward caste's (OBCs), scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and other socially economically downtrodden and deprived sections of Indian democracy to remove their backwardness and fight against their oppression and exploitation.